Brain Training for a Quality Life

With a sharp mind, you have the foundation right for a life of happiness and clarity.

Achieve this simply with a revolutionary experience known as brain training.

For Children

Accelerating cognitive incline to allow better focus, sharper memory and faster learning.

For Seniors

Reduce the risk of cognitive decline with constant mental stimulation.

For Partners

Collaborate with Vine Global and deliver top end brain training.

Understand Your Mind While Training

Brain training done right not only streches your mind, but also allows you to understand it. For this, we present Neeuro’s SenzeBand, a brainwave sensor that detects your mental states in real time. Track whether your mind is reacting positively to your brain training sessions.

Attention State

As visual and audio distractions may affect your levels of attention, tracking your attention levels during training shows whether you are putting in enough concentration when exercising each cognitive skill.

Relaxation State

The mind performs better when it is in a more relaxed state. Viewing your relaxation levels lets you understand how different mental stimuli or environments affect your training.

Mental Workload State

When our brains are given problems to solve, our mental workload increases. Tracking your mental workload lets you see if the training at hand is adequately stimulating the mind.

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