Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy!

Vine Global has partnered with Singapore’s leading neurotechnology platform, Neeuro, to avail our brain training courses to pre-schools, primary schools, student cares, enrichment centres, and every other possible learning centre you can think of!

To double up on the good news, we will be carrying and distributing Neeuro’s Senzeband as well as their different brain training apps, at a better deal for local customers. So now, folks, go forth, and purchase some brain training technology from our shop!

As we strive to add more partners to widen our reach and to bring our programme to the four corners of Singapore (and soon, the world), please head over to our existing partner centres for a free trial. Click here if you would like to have us run our course at your education centre.

Stay tuned for expert advice on maximising the potential of your brain and updates on our journey to becoming Singapore’s best!

Caleb Sim
Director, Business Development

About Vine Global

Vine Global is a training company and technology distributor based in Singapore. Their aim is to become a leading organisation in providing wellness and educational technology through carrying revolutionary products and delivering top end training that are affordable to the masses.

About Neeuro

Founded in 2013, Neeuro is a leading brain technology platform that focuses on empowering people to live happier and healthier lives through neurotechnology and gamification. Developed in collaboration with national research institutes, Neeuro’s products and services focus on digital brain health and education technology to help people of all ages to optimise their brain’s potential. Neeuro currently serves over 50 countries and has also implemented brain fitness programmes and services in community centres and educational institutions, among others. Neeuro has won several awards, with one of the latest being Champion for Regional Best Practice in the World Summit Awards (SEA) 2016 under the United Nations framework.

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